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If you’re new to the Research Mama blog and wondering who I am and what I’m about, this is the place to be.

It’s pretty simple really, I’m a mom, a seeker of truth, a lover of knowledge, an educator, a curator, a journalist, and a researcher. Before you get your panties in a bunch, I have never claimed to be a scientist in a lab testing bunnies or mixing chemical concoctions. If you’ve ever had to write a research paper in grade school, high school, or college..  that’s pretty much what I love to do. I research information and write papers to share with others.

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Wow, that sounds so crazy to actually write down on paper because I always hated doing that in school! I suppose that just speaks to my passion of the subjects on which I write though.

For a history of my personal experience that triggered this passion for information you can head over to my My Journey page for the details, but suffice to say that after a 15 year long battle with skin issues I found my solace in nature, natural remedies, natural products. Along my journey I found myself questioning a lot more than just my personal skin issues. There are so many times that we see information tossed around in the natural community that I really wanted to confirm truth.

I get it, it’s so super easy for science lovers to claim that things I am interested in are quackery, that it’s all lies and modern medicine is the answer for everything….    but the fact of the matter is that the truth is out there, even on Google, and it is rooted in science, in the science of nature.

As a mom, before I began this journey, just the idea of it completely overwhelmed me. I wanted to know what the truth was behind all of these natural claims, but I knew if I even began to take it to Google that I would find a lot of useless information that led me to no verifiable source. For a long time I hesitated to look at all because I’m not someone who is looking to be swayed by false information.

And here’s the other thing, I know I’m not the only one who has had that issue, who has been overwhelmed, who has wanted real information and to know that it’s rooted in truth. I’m not the only one who has hesitated to open the box, I’m not the only one who has gotten so frustrated at the two sides of the story caught in a pissing match on Facebook.

The thing is, there is a code to finding the information, and it’s called time. Like we all have a ton of time, right? We don’t, and that’s why Research Mama exists. I find the time because I am so passionate about finding answers to these questions and putting the information together so I can share it with others concisely. It’s hard enough being an adult these days, it’s even harder being a parent..  and with stuff coming at us from every angle some days it is downright maddening.

What I share in my blog posts is for informational purposes. If you’re reading this I’m going to assume that you are a responsible adult and can make the choice to utilize the information I share or not. I’m not here to tell anyone what to do, but I believe strongly in making educated decisions. One can’t make an educated decision if they don’t have all the information, so I’ve provided some for you. That’s it, that’s what I do.

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